Give a gift that will help protect ocean wildlife worldwide.

We have partnered with Ocean Society to give you the opportunity to be a part of something special. With every purchase you make with us you have the opportunity to adopt a dolphin, whale or green sea turtle. Each adoption you make comes with a personalized certificate of adoption, photo of your new pal and a fact sheet.

We are committed to saving our oceans which means we are also committed to saving those who call the ocean their home. All funds from the animal adoption program go directly to supporting ocean research and conservation efforts worldwide. The more information we have on the ocean, the more we can do to help.


  1. When you come to the checkout screen you will be given the opportunity to adopt a marine animal.
  2. When you decide to adopt you will have the opportunity to not only pick which species you would like but which specific marine animal you would like. You are given many options stating a small character profile which states their given name, their ID, the date they were first sighted, their gender and their age, plus a small description on the marine animal. This gives you the option to truly choose one that feels connected to you. You can also choose between adopting them for 1 or 2 years.
  3. Once you come to a decision you will need to fill in a few details to complete the process and are then charged in one order with your swimwear to save the hassle of putting in your detail’s multiple times.
  4. Congrats you are now the proud adopter of a dolphin, turtle or whale!


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