Ascension Sustainability

Ascension Swim means being committed to saving our oceans one swim at a time. Being a proud Australian made brand we have a deep understanding of what is means to protect and preserve our home as much as we can. Our ethos as a swimwear brand is Sustainability, Consciousness and Quality in creating our products, and as a brand we feel the importance of instilling these same values in our valued customer base. We are proud to give our customers the best swim on the market leading in sustainability while you make ethical consumer choices. We have released a collection comprised of recycled materials that we sourced from the ocean, lightening our footprint and lessening our impact on the fast fashion cycle. To reduce landfill waste finding an item that can last you forever is essential – so our Ascension swim is quality material – made to last.



From Trash to Swimwear- a vision made possible by sourcing the rubbish that fills our oceans made into regenerated nylon. Every year more than 8 million tonnes of plastic bottles end up in the water we swim in. To combat this issue, we turn these materials into swimwear you can trust. Our lightweight, breathable fabric is mostly produced from lost fishing nets in the ocean, also known as nylon waste- which makes up 10% of all plastic in the ocean. Our recycled nylon not only reduces waste in the ocean but in landfill waste also due to the ability to rework the material over and over without having to use new resources. Meaning our swimwear reduces overall CO2 emissions without having to use the harmful energy sources that regular swimsuit nylon uses.



  • First, we start by collecting the waste from the ocean
  • Then we take the trash and begin its process of a new life by regenerating the materials using heat
  • This process transforms into flakes
  • Which is then remade into fibre
  • Which can then be woven into fabrics
  • Then magic is made, and swimwear is crafted and dyed into your favourite, vibrant colours sustainably using eco dyes.


Every online delivery is packaged and dispatched in bags made from 100% recyclable materials. We’ve made the choice to use earth-friendly courier bags, so your order arrives safely and sustainably.

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