Saving the oceans one swim at a time

Ascension Swim is a state-of-the-art, designer swimwear brand that is passionately committed to saving the Earth’s oceans, one swim at a time.

Are you aware that over 14 million tonnes of plastic and industrial debris ends up in our beautiful oceans every year? This critically endangers our fragile marine eco-structure and is ingested by, or entangles precious marine life causing injuries and death.

Ascension Swim was founded by Regan Hillyer in 2022 out of her growing concern for the health of our mighty seas and how we impact the oceans when we engage within them. Regan’s vision was to create swimwear that is fashionable, sustainable and fabricated from recycled ocean waste and debris, incorporating single use plastics, food wrappers and fishing waste including nets and floats.

Each piece of artistically designed and created Ascension Swim swimwear has been crafted within Regan’s ethos of sustainability and consciousness, it is of the utmost quality and intended to be worn in harmony with the sun, salt and sand.

Proudly made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials in Bali Indonesia, these superb swim pieces are ethically produced and feature eco material dyes and sustainable packaging.

At Ascension Swim, we are committed to saving our unique marine life and offer all of our clients the option to participate in adopting a marine animal with each and every purchase of our elegant swimwear, so that you can immerse yourself in the oceans with a clear conscience, knowing that your contribution is genuinely making a difference.

A note from the founder

At Ascension Swim, we are focused on growing and scaling sustainably and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Ascension Swim is more than a swimwear brand, it’s a movement, and an opportunity to take a stand and leave this planet better than how you found it. If you are part of the Ascension Swim tribe, we love you so much, but the oceans love you even more.